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Sundays at 9:00 a.m.

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454 East Church Road
Cambridge, WI 53523

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Synod Assembly April 29 - April 30
The 2016 Synod Assembly will be held at the Marriott West Hotel & Convention Center, Madison, WI. Please pray for all those attending this years South-Central Synod Assembly, Pastor Brenda Lovick, as well as our voting delegates Eric & Sabra Jacobson, Amy Hensel & Molly Hensel. Thank you to all of them for representing EKLC as they attend the assembly.

News from the President Barb Klemp

April, 2017
This past month three of us from EKLC church council along with Pastor Brenda spent the day at the LEAD (Leadership Education and Development) conference at Good Shepherd Lutheran in Madison. We met together before the conference started and ‘plotted’ our course of who was going to attend which workshop so that we could cover as many topics as possible. We attended workshops about generosity in faith, Martin Luther, telling mission stories, being a good neighbor, hymn planning, climate change and the four spiritual paths (how we best react to worship) just to name a few topics.

Listening to the presenters brought to mind how much we accomplish every week here at East Koshkonong, and we accomplish these tasks very well! We come together with our diverse skills and different spiritual paths then we all ‘play our part’ to complete the task at hand. It also brought to mind how much more we can accomplish throughout our multi-generational congregation for our church, the communities we serve and each other.

I invite you all to see if you can come up with new ways our congregation can share our gifts and share them with a council member!

Your sister in Christ,
Barb Klemp

2016 Church Council
President: Hilary Terland
Vice President: Brenda Schroeder
Secretary: Barb Klemp
Treasurer: Don Amundson
Brian Rosenthal
Sonja Christensen
Vicki Schuh

If you need to speak to a council member please call the church office to leave a message and they will return your call. Thank You.

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