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History of East Koshkonong Lutheran Church

East Koshkonong is the first Norwegian American congregation started by a Church of Norway missionary. J.W.C. Dietrichson preached his first sermon in the United States for the people on the eastern part of the Koshkonong Prairie on September 1, 1843. These pioneers made a commitment to start a congregation on October 9, 1843. We have two buildings, what we fondly call the “Upper Church,” which is the historic church to the west, and the “Lower Church,” the primarily used building to the east. The twin steeples are a prominent landmark in our community.

Norwegians were not the first people to care for the land at our place. The word “Koshkonong” means “the lake we live on” in either Potawatomi or Ojibwe. The churches are on the very eastern edge of this regional area. Where is the Koshkonong Prairie? Map of Koshkonong Prairie

We have a state certified historical marker discussing the stories of the two steeples and the Norwegian roots.

Churches at the Koshkonong Prairie, Wisconsin
Prepared By Blaine Hedberg, 1995
Author: Oddvar Natvik (08/25/2005)

J.W.C. Dietrichson at Koshkonong
By Rev. Clint Schnekloth
This article was written for The Lutheran Forum, Fall 2009

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Historical Tours
For tours of East Koshkonong Lutheran Church's rich history, facilities and grounds,  contact Bonnie Ehrke at  608-516-5761 or email
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